a movement illuminating the need for shame-free LGBTQ-inclusive comprehensive sexuality education & equitable access to resources and support for young parents and their families

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Throughout the year, we stumble upon opportunities to develop impactful campaigns and work on meaningful projects. Our mission is to ensure that we continue to build with our allies and keep our closest friends looped in on our work and opportunities. In addition, we receive messages and emails from young parents across the country who are looking for ways to get involved with organizations at the local level. By filling out this form, you are agreeing that your organization is a trusted organization that we can share with young parents when those opportunities arise.

We commit to replacing the phrase 'teen pregnancy prevention' with 'unplanned/unintended pregnancy prevention' *
We commit to providing and/or elevating sex education that is accurate, comprehensive, LGBTQ-inclusive, culturally and linguistically accessible, and shame-free *
We commit to upholding young people's rights to self-determination over their bodies, sexuality, gender, sexual health, and family formation, including adoption, abortion, birth and parenting. *
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Representative Name
Please note that #noteenshame aims for respectful and consensual placement of the hashtag on materials. An organizer will be in touch with you soon.