a movement illuminating the need for shame-free LGBTQ-inclusive comprehensive sexuality education & equitable access to resources and support for young parents and their families
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Our Story

Seven young mothers from across the United States came together in 2013 to improve conditions for young parents and their families. After years of being impacted by harmful policies and stigmatizing messages, we decided to push back against the narrowly framed falsehood that young parents are incapable, irresponsible, and unworthy of dignity and respect. As young parents, we know that politicians, media, educators, and healthcare professionals have unconsciously perpetuated stereotypes that harm our families. In exchange for the respect and dignity we deserve, we have committed ourselves to raising awareness around the rights of young parents, the true injustices facing young people today, and the need for access and choice.


Our Impact

As young mothers, especially young mothers of color, we are often silenced, ignored and erased from current movements and previous history. By creating a social, public, and visible movement, we know that we would decrease those odds and create space for people like us to feel seen and heard. Together, we became a nationally-recognized social movement by and for young parents to eradicate the stigma that negatively impacts our access to quality healthcare, education, and community support.




Organizational supporters  

For 3 years, #NoTeenShame launched a thunderclap messaging campaigns. Combined, 435 people and organizations signed.



community posts

After launching the #noteenshame hashtag on tumblr, twitter, and instagram, over 2700 young parents from across the country posted photos of their kids and families. 



petition signatures  

Between two change.org campaigns, over 127,000 people signed on to show their support for the rights and dignity of young parents across the United States.



There are many ways to show your support for young families. To help, we've created a series of social media images and posters that you can download for free. By posting images and using the hashtag on social media or hanging posters in schools, clinics, or offices, you can show young parents that you believe they deserve dignity, respect, and recognition. Click below to access free resources. 

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Get Involved

Throughout the year, we create opportunities to work on meaningful projects and collaborate on innovative research. We want to ensure that we build with our peers and keep our community looped in on upcoming work and opportunities.